Teacher Wish Lists

Teacher Wish Lists

We are excited to provide an Amazon Wish List from many of the teachers. Our teachers have taken the time to go through their classrooms and identify a few needs that they have. Please take some time to look over these lists and consider ordering something to better equip our teachers with the tools they need to enhance learning.

Details about ordering on Amazon:

  • Feel free to select the Gift Registry Address to have item(s) shipped directly to Heritage or ship to more than one address if you are ordering items for multiple teachers.
  • If you’d like to add a note so we know who made the donation, please select ‘Gift Options’ under Step 2 in the checkout process.



Joyce Holstege 

Brenda Pastoor 

First Grade

Annika Brands 

Mary VanOverloop 

Second Grade

Cathie Koole 

Randy Kuiper 

Jodee VanOverloop 

Third Grade

Becca Gritters

Rhonda Holstege 

Erin Van Rijs 

Fourth Grade

Sandy Glashower

Beth VanBaren

Jane Woudenberg 

Fifth Grade

Doug De Boer

Brad Gritters

Rick Gritters

Sixth Grade

Greg Holstege

Benji Kuiper

Katie VanOverloop 

Seventh Grade

Josh Moelker

Lisa Potjer

Dan VanDyke 

Nicki Westra

Eighth Grade

Rochelle Heyboer 

Jason Holstege 

Elizabeth VanPutten 

Discovery Center

Deb Altena

Sue Bleyenburg

Sarah Decker 

Kelly Ensink 

Special Education

Carli Engelsma


Janet Doezema


Matt Elzinga