Eighth Grade

Rochelle Heyboer – 8th Grade

Email: rheyboer@hchr.org

Classes Taught: 8th Bible, 8th Science

Bio:  An interesting fact about me is that I was in the first Kindergarten class to go all the way through Heritage Christian School. After HCS, I continued on to Covenant.  I got my Bachelor’s Degree from GVSU.  I worked for GVSU at the Annis Water Resource Institute (AWRI) for about a year.  Next I embarked on my favorite job of all: motherhood.  I am married to Tomm Heyboer and we have six Children, four of whom still attend HCS. One of our children attends Covenant and the other is attending Calvin University.  Now that all of my children are in school, I am excited to be teaching Bible and Earth Science. Heritage Christian has always been a big part of my life and I’m very thankful for this amazing community and opportunity.

Jason Holstege – 8th Grade

Email: jaholstege@hchr.org

Classes Taught: 7th Science & Math, 8th History,  3rd grade Latin 

Bio: God, in His good providence, led me to become a teacher at Heritage Christian School where I have been teaching since September, 1999, after receiving my teaching certificate from Calvin College.  My undergraduate work was completed at the University of Michigan (B.A., Latin) in 1997, and my master’s degree work was completed through the University of Florida (M.L., Latin) in 2009.  In addition to my regular classes listed above, I’ve been teaching 1st- and 2nd-year college Latin independently since 2002 to a variety of students, most of whom were preparing for seminary.  As for extracurriculars at school, I am a First Lego League coach for Heritage’s Lego Robotics teams, and I formerly coached the 6th/7th grade division of our Math Pentathlon program.  In all of these roles, my goal is to help students understand that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10), and therefore my teaching is focused on Christ our King and the Word of God as our rule of faith, life, and learning.

Bill Joostens – Eighth Grade

Email: bjoostens@hchr.org

Classes Taught: Eighth Bible, Eighth U.S. History, Seventh World Geography, Junior High Computer Classes

Bio: University of California – B of A degree; Post graduate at Hope College, Grand Valley State University, and Central Michigan University

Lisa Potjer – Junior High

Email: lpotjer@hchr.org

Classes Taught: 7th and 8th Math, 7th English


I was born in New Jersey to Rev Arie and Sherry denHartog.  Being a minister’s daughter I had the privilege of being nurtured in several different churches around the United States as well as in the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore.  I received my Bachelor of Arts from Grand Valley State University and my Professional Teaching Certificate from their School of Education.  Shortly after college, I married Russ Potjer and started teaching Junior High at Adams Christian School where I taught for about five and a half years before the Lord gave us our first child.   In His providence she was born with a rare metabolic disorder that is neurodegenerative.  She currently attends our Protestant Reformed Special Education program here at Heritage. The Lord gave us three more children, all of whom also attend Heritage Christian.  I am thankful for the opportunity to teach again.  Each school day I pray He will give me the grace to help prepare them to serve Him and I hope to share with them what a joy it is to serve HIm in whatever way He chooses..